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Dune Coffee

Honduras Pedro Sagastume

Honduras Pedro Sagastume

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Pedro Sagastume is a third generation coffee producer, who farms coffee along with his sons Heyvis, Yeltsin, Yerin, and Yedin in Honduras. Pedro began dividing his farms in multiple plots in order for his sons to take ownership of their own farming, and the Sagastume family was one of the first producers to operate organic farms in Santa Bárbara.

This coffee comes from Pedro’s farm Los Quetzales, named for the rare and stunning quetzal bird. The Pacas variety that Pedro farms undergoes a washed process at the family’s wet mill, with cherries undergoing a dry fermentation for 16-24 hours and washing with fresh spring water, finishing by drying on raised beds for 14 days.

In the cup, we find sweet stonefruit and citrus, with a soft brown sugar sweetness. 

Country / Honduras

Producer / Pedro Sagastume

Location / El Sauce, Santa Bárbara

Process / Washed


Altitude1600 masl

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