Array of pink single origin coffee bags on display


Direct trade coffee, quality-controlled roasting, and competition-level training and consulting.


Since we opened our doors in 2009, we’ve been on a mission to make specialty coffee accessible, approachable, and fun. Beyond our own shops, we’re so proud to partner with like-minded businesses, baristas, offices, and teams that share the same mission and values as us.

There are few things that excite us more to see the coffees we’ve sourced being served with empathy and hospitality—whether that takes shape as a cup of coffee passed across the bar, or knowing that coffee before your morning commute can wait because the office coffee is so much better. Between our team of trainers, account managers, and roasters, we want your experience with Dune to be a nice coffee time.

We offer custom tailored training, equipment procurement and support, and consulting on how you can get your coffee program to where you’d like it to be. More than anything, we’re looking for partnerships and to grow together.

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Time to make our outside match the inside:

Vibrant, Juicy, & Fun to Have Around!

We designed these bags to be worthy of the space on your kitchen countertop while also making your coffee choices easier: color-coded for maximum ease of selection.