Holiday Blend


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When we plan our annual Holiday Blend release, it gives us a chance to reflect on the year that is drawing to a close. This specific iteration for 2020 marries two Ethiopian coffees and a coffee from Honduras.

It is fitting that at the beginning of March we spent a week in Honduras with Pablo Cruz. He invited us into his home, where we drank coffee, ate food, and Todd and Enma (Pablo’s wife) roasted coffee together. Enma, Pablo, Pablito, Juan Antonio and Paola Cruz are just one family who are supported by our company. 

Ethiopian coffees are always amongst our favorites: coffee was born in Africa, and it always feels particularly special to drink African coffees. Ethiopian coffees feel like joy.

We feel a great honor and a deep responsibility to be a coffee company with such a far reach. We want to embrace that even in the midst of the tumult of 2020, we still have things to celebrate: friendship, family, our enduring commitment to our community, both globally and locally.

This year has been one reminder after another to appreciate what we have, and to fight for what we value. Consider this coffee a celebration: we are all here, together, and that matters. Happy holidays!

Country / Ethiopia, Honduras

Producer / Various smallholder producers

Location / Various

Process / Washed, natural

Variety / Various

Altitude / 1550-2200 masl

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