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Dune Coffee

Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya

Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya

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This washed Typica from Juan Peña and his principal farm Hacienda La Papaya is where it all started for us in Ecuador, back in 2018 when we were sourcing a coffee for the United States Barista Championship. Since then, we've grown our relationship with Juan, just as Juan has built an exporting arm of his company, Cafexporto, all the while continuing to produce spectacular coffees.

The Typica variety is the most highly planted variety at Hacienda La Papaya, and these plants are cared for by Juan and his team, with their background in agronomy and engineering. Juan's farm is one of the most technologically advanced and innovative producing operations, with live sensors and mobile applications to monitor fertilization, operation of vents in drying rooms that open under certain humidity conditions, and careful attention to processing.
This coffee from La Papaya changed our perception of coffees from Ecuador back in 2018, and Juan and Cafexporto continue to impress with the coffees they produce. This year's washed Typica from Hacienda La Papaya has bright and sweet raspberry and sweet orange flavors, with a floral character that reminds us of the fragrant coffee blossom or jasmine that grows at the farm.

Country / Ecuador

Producer / Juan Peña

LocationSaraguro, Loja



Altitude / 2000 masl

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