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Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya

Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya

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Juan Peña owns and operates his estate farm, Hacienda La Papaya, in Saraguro, Ecuador. Juan produces coffee as well as working with smaller communities of producers in Ecuador through his exporting business Cafexporto to produce some of the most exceptional coffees we’ve ever tasted.

The Typica variety that Juan grows at Hacienda La Papaya was our first introduction to these coffees, and these coffees have always impressed us with the flavors Juan is able to cultivate and develop from this unique expression of the variety. Juan’s washed process has undergone continuous refinement since the first year we tasted their coffees, with ripe cherries undergoing sorting and floating before a 15 hour fermentation and moving to ultraviolet radiation-protected drying rooms, fitted with temperature and humidity sensors for meticulous drying.

This year, Juan’s washed Typica is quintessential of the flavors we’ve come to find from this variety and terroir: sweet citrus, dense caramel and brown sugar sweetness, and white flower florality.

Country / Ecuador

ProducerJuan Peña

LocationSaraguro, Loja



Altitude / 2000 masl

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