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Colombia Gerson Mora

Colombia Gerson Mora

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Gerson Mora is a multigenerational coffee producer, who, unlike many of his counterparts in Colombia, is relatively young, in his late twenties. Gerson owns and manages his farm Villa Pastora, named after his grandmother, who Gerson inherited his farm from in the 1980s.

This coffee from Gerson is a Caturra variety, which was originally cultivated from plants exhibiting the best performance and continuing to cultivate these high performing plants. Caturra, like similar varieties produced in Colombia, has shown to yield impressive results in the cup when paired with intentional processing. For this coffee, the coffee cherries undergo anaerobic processing for 75 hours under a consistent temperature, in order to encourage fermentation and flavor development in the cup.

Gerson’s coffee is full of tropical flavors like pink guava and sweet fruit like peach and plum, as well as dark chocolate and cocoa.

Country / Colombia

Producer / Gerson Mora

LocationPalestina, Huila

ProcessAnaerobic natural


Altitude / 1680 masl

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