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Dune Coffee

Colombia El Carmen

Colombia El Carmen

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Hugo Luis Rojas comes from a multigenerational coffee producing background, inheriting his farm from his parents and now working alongside his wife Elisabeth Oidor to continue producing coffee. 

This lot of coffee is made possible through the work of exporting partners Equation, who assemble Hugo’s coffee alongside several other smallholder producers in Huila in order to create an export-sized lot of coffee. Whereas the yields of these producers may not be large enough to otherwise bring to market, Equation takes the Caturra variety that these three producers grow, processing and milling this coffee in order to get to share the work that these growers have put into their coffees.

Although this coffee undergoes anaerobic processing, this coffee’s washed process gives it clean and sparkling flavors, unlike the intense fruit flavors that anaerobic processing can sometimes impart into the cup. We experience citrus and apple, with a floral finish.

Country / Colombia

Producer / Hugo Luis Rojas

Location / Inza, Cauca

Process / Anaerobic washed


Altitude1370 masl 

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