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Dune Coffee

Honduras Olvin Fernandez

Honduras Olvin Fernandez

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Olvin Fernandez is one of our longest standing producer relationships, with 2015 being the first year we began purchasing his coffee. Olvin produces coffee in the Las Flores region of Honduras, and processes his coffee on a mill he shares with his farm and those of his brothers. Since 2019, we’ve been purchasing variety-separated lots of coffee, after working with Olvin to produce and sell the different varieties of coffee that grow on his farm as unique offerings.

Olvin grows a small amount of the Bourbon variety at his farm Mi Paz, and since 2019, we’ve been asking Olvin to separate out his Bourbon from the rest of his harvest for us as a single variety lot, as we’ve found distinct sweetness and flavors from this coffee that we’ve come to enjoy. This coffee undergoes a washed process at the farm, then drying on parabolic dryers before delivering to Beneficio San Vicente.

Olvin’s Bourbon this year tastes like sweet almond (think marzipan), a soft red apple and stonefruit acidity, and light caramel sweetness.

Country / Honduras

ProducerOlvin Esmelin Fernandez Paz

LocationLas Flores, Santa Bárbara



Altitude / 1550 masl

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