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Ethiopia Karamo

Ethiopia Karamo

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Faysel Abdosh owns and operates multiple washing stations in the Sidamo region under the umbrella of Testi Coffee. Growing up in West Harar, Faysel started his own exporting company in 2009, working to develop communities within coffee producing regions and creating access to global specialty markets beyond the local market. In communities like Denbi Uddo and Aricha, Testi has built primary schools to ensure children receive education.

This particular lot from the Gara Agena washing station is prepared with direct oversight from Faysel, with the Karamo lot being separated out by municipality. The cherries undergo several stages of handsorting by the Testi team, after which the cherries are dried on raised beds. The cherries are stacked approximately 5cm high and moved five to six times a day to promote consistent drying, spending around 15 to 21 days on drying beds.

Karamo is deeply fruited and complex in acidity, with a floral component like dried violet or hibiscus. Ripe strawberry and dark fruit flavors are followed by sweet tropical fruit like passionfruit, finishing with dried florals.

Country / Ethiopia

Producer / Gara Agena washing station

LocationKaramo, Sidamo


Variety74110, 74158

Altitude / 1900-2300 masl

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