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Ethiopia Bishan Wate

Ethiopia Bishan Wate

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The Bishan Wate washing station is located in the renown Hambela district of Guji, Ethiopia. Here, Faysel Abdosh owns and operates multiple washing stations under the umbrella of Testi Coffee. Growing up in West Harar, Faysel started his own exporting company in 2009, working to develop communities within coffee producing regions and creating access to global specialty markets beyond the local market. In communities like Denbi Uddo and Aricha, Testi has built primary schools to ensure children receive education.

Bishan Wate and other washing stations under the Testi umbrella maintain rigorous details of traceability, such as keeping records of producers who deliver cherry, as well as organic certifications. Many washing stations are also beginning to lay the groundwork for anaerobic processing abilities, which has shown results to increase cup quality. This year, we’ve elected for a naturally processed lot from Bishan Wate, which sees cherries dried on raised beds for a fruit-forward and sweet cup.

In the cup, we experience a characteristic quality of watermelon and juicy blackberry, with a complex Earl Grey tea flavor throughout.

Country / Ethiopia

Producer / Bishan Wate washing station

LocationHambela, Guji


VarietyEthiopian landraces

Altitude / 1900-2200 masl

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