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Colombia La Floresta

Colombia La Floresta

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La Floresta is a 5 hectare farm owned by Nohora Sepulveda, who, even as a septuagenarian, runs and operates the farm along with her two sons, Edwin and Rafael. The Sepulveda family owns three farms in the Algeciras region of the Huila department in Colombia.

Nohora and her sons have developed specific processing methods for their coffees, which develop incredible fruit flavors and complexity. First, cherries are picked and sorted, then begin fermentation in tanks for around 170 hours. After this anaerobic processing, cherries are dried on raised beds under parabolic dryers to remove moisture.

We’ve experienced several coffees from Nohora and her sons, and the intensity of fruit and sweet flavors always amazes us. In the cup, this coffee is full of berry sweetness and red fruit acidity, like fruit punch or sangria. The cup finishes with a complex cacao flavor and notes of black plum.

Country / Colombia

Producer / The Sepulveda family

LocationAlgeciras, Huila

Process / Anaerobic natural

Variety / Castillo

Altitude / 1750 masl

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