Collaborations // Rise & Grind Porter

Collaborations // Rise & Grind Porter

We recently joined forces with our friends at Captain Fatty's Craft Brewery located here in our hometown.  We've known these guys for years as they've been friends and customers of ours for a long time.  It's been rewarding seeing them grow and start their operations from a home-brewing passion to a fully established and operating craft brewery.  Matt, their Director of Sales and Operations, explained to us the process of creating the Rise & Grind beer using our cold brewed coffee:

The Rise and Grind Collaboration was a beer we had been wanting to brew for a while. Most mornings we drink Dune coffee before brewing, whether from the shops or brewed at home. Our favorite part of Dune coffee is their attention to detail and highlighting the bright characteristics of each bean. Thus, it was our only choice for the beer we planned to brew.

The process began brewing a Porter Ale with a strong malt presence while reducing the usage of highly roasted malts, that way we could allow the Dune Cold Brew to stand out with some bold fruit notes.

Once the ale had finished fermenting out, the guys at Dune came over and we sampled various ratios of cold brew to know the exact amount to add to the ale to give it the perfect balance of coffee flavor.

Then we set out to cold brew the coffee in a few of our 1 barrel fermenters. Twenty-four hours later, the concentrated cold brew was ready to blend to create the final product. Finally we were ready to carbonate, keg and serve.

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