Olvin Fernandez Box Set

Olvin Fernandez Box Set

We've roasted and tasted these coffees from Olvin Fernandez hundreds of times over the years now, and we enjoyed doing the same this year in assembling these four varieties from Finca Mi Paz. Here are some of our notes—let us know what you're tasting!



 Zac: "baking spices, dark chocolate"

 Kay: "mandarin orange, melon, caramel, almond"

Kay's brewing tips: "This coffee is fairly dense, so I would grind a bit coarser or use slightly cooler temperature brewing water if it's an option to get some more fruit flavors. You might find more chocolate and sweetness with a finer grind."

 Jael: "chocolate, mandarin orange, vanilla"

Jael's roast notes: "Josiah (one of our roasters) roasted this coffee. The Bourbon seemed to be able to handle more heat than the Catuai, so we started the roast hotter and finished it at a cooler temperature with a shorter roast length to highlight the acidity.



 Zac: "round, full mouthfeel, caramel, green apple, tropical"

 Kay: "orange juice, tea-like finish, light body"

Kay's brewing tips: "This coffee brews nicely at a slightly stronger ratio, closer to 1:15. You still get a lot of sweetness but some of those fruit flavors are intensified."

 Jael: "tropical, bright acidity, tangerine, brown sugar"

Jael's roast notes: "Based on our sample roasts, I wanted to roast this coffee longer and cooler to bring out more development. We've offered this coffee for the past few years so we have good references when developing a roast profile."



 Zac: "bittersweet chocolate, citrus, orange zest"

 Kay: "peach, positive tactile, tangy, apricot, honey"

Kay's brewing tips: "I think this coffee is the most forgiving when brewing. The acidity is quite pleasant, and there's lots of sweetness that reminds me of honey or dark brown sugar to balance things out."

 Jael: "nougat, graham cracker, molasses, red fruit"

Jael's roast notes: "We started this roast hotter with a medium roast length of 11:30, with a hotter finishing temperature. When we sample roasted this coffee, we found some unwanted flavors from roast, so we tried to minimize those with the shorter roast time and slightly lower development percentage."



 Zac: "cantaloupe, molasses, hazelnut, Christmas-y"

 Drew: "cherry, citrus, chocolate-covered fruit, tingly"

 Kay: "blood orange, plum, grape, sugary sweet"

Kay's brewing tips: "The Parainema is really fun! Lots of fruit complexity, distinct acidity. This coffee is also forgiving when brewing, I would look for that acidity that reminds me of plum or grape and dial in from there."

 Jael: "cherry, strawberry, dark chocolate"

Jael's roast notes: "The sample roast of this coffee was quite nice, with lots of spice and Christmas-y flavors. On our production roaster, we developed this coffee a little bit longer but the coffee handled well. There's lots of fruit clarity in this cup."


General Brewing Tips

  • Use filtered water if possible—not distilled, but not quite mineral water either.
  • We've found these coffees will begin tasting their best after around 7 days after roasting, but let these coffees continue to rest and you'll find more even brewing and more complexity of flavor.
  • We recommend brewing at a ratio of 1:15 or 1:16, meaning one part coffee to sixteen parts water.
  • Other questions? Email us at info@dunecoffee.com.


There's no one correct answer when it comes to flavor—tasting will always be subjective and part of learning is hearing what other people are tasting. Maybe you taste some similar flavors to us, or maybe you're tasting something that we're not getting. That's the fun of it!

We hope you enjoy!

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