COFFEE // Las Lajas-Alma Negra

COFFEE // Las Lajas-Alma Negra

The Chacons are the ideal coffee duo:  Don Oscar loves both innovating new processing and drying methods and getting his hands dirty, while Doña Francisca thrives managing the company accounts and sales so crucial to their business’s growth and success. Together, the Chacons have made a name for themselves the dynamic coffee scene of Costa Rica's Central Valley.   

At their micromill Las Lajas, the Chacons are changing the game of coffee. The Chacon’s processing methods are so original and successful that Don Oscar was reluctant to say much about the details of their new drying method. However, their coffee speaks for itself. Their La Alma Negra is unlike anything we have ever roasted: sparkling, juicy, and crazy clean, it is an exceptionally unique natural processed coffee. The Las Lajas-Alma Negra is limited release, so make sure to grab a bag before we run out.

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