DUNE IN THE WILD // Steeped Coffee Bags

DUNE IN THE WILD // Steeped Coffee Bags

Riding to El Capitan

This last year we collaborated with Steeped Coffee to make individual/single serving coffee bags for easy brewing. With the craze of instant specialty coffee taking off but not quite hitting our tastebud expectations, we were pleased with these tea-like steeping bags that produce a quality cup of coffee with zero effort.

Much like making a cup of tea, all you need to do is pour hot water over the steeped coffee bag and plunge it a few times. Let it sit for a few minutes and sip away. No need to take it out as the bag won't over-extract.  

These are great for travel, camping, or just in general when you don't want to whip out the chemex and hope for some flatbed-pour-over extraction. Kay and I recently did a bike trip out to El Capitan State Beach, about 20 miles north of Downtown SB. We packed for an overnighter and had everything with us on our bikes minus burritos that we picked up on the way there. Waking up to wet conditions and heavy morning dew made it more pleasant with the ease of making a quick cup of Zip Zinger using the steeped bags. 

Great coffee really makes for a nice start to your day, even when you get multiple flats on your ride back...


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Wait, who had the flats? I once did a ride with Kay down to Carp and had sooo many flats…

Jim C

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