WHOLESALE SPOTLIGHT // Lucky Llama Coffee House

WHOLESALE SPOTLIGHT // Lucky Llama Coffee House

    Located just ten miles down the coast from our roastery, the Lucky Llama serves up Dune coffee and a little something special to the small, laid-back beach town of Carpinteria, CA.  Owner Ryan Moore, a local of Carp, brought the specialty coffee community to town and created an inviting atmosphere where surfers and businesspeople can get together over a delicious cup of coffee and yummy, healthy food. Sleepy? Snag a shot of Zip Zinger on your way to work. Hungry? Grab an açai breakfast bowl after your morning surf. This mostly outdoor space is the perfect place to enjoy the sun and some fresh air while you sip at some Dune coffee.

    Lucky Llama Coffee House proudly serves Dune Coffee Roasters. Check them out at  5100 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria, CA 93013

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We discovered almost on accident en route back home to monterey from Los Angeles. We were blown away! Great food! Great coffee! Great people and an undefined relaxed beach vibe that is essential in paradise. The Lucky Llama is every bit as much a must see for us as family and Disneyland when we travel down south!

rob jimenez

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