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At the turn of the century, Kentucky-born Robert Lamastus purchased a coffee farm while living in Panama working on the construction of the Panama Canal. He named this farm after his wife, whom he met while in Panama. Wilford Jr., who now runs the estate, is not one to rest on his laurels. Elida Estate continues to innovate their coffee processing methods, improving cup quality and consistency year after year. In July of 2019, a naturally processed Gesha coffee from Elida Estate fetched a record-breaking $1029 per pound of green coffee.

Elida Estate is surrounded by rainforests, with winds from both the Caribbean and Pacific creating a dense fog in Alto Quiel. The coffee trees at Elida grow in volcanic soil, full of nutrients, and the lower than usual temperatures at these altitudes prolong ripening and extend the fruit development. After harvesting, Wilford and the team at Elida Estate stack the cherries on top of each other, which slows down drying, but also develops more complex flavors and aids sugar development.

This coffee delivers on aroma alone - you can always smell this coffee even if it’s ground all the way across the room. This coffee is fruit-forward, lightly floral, and has an elegant cocoa-like quality (think fine baking chocolate), with ripe strawberry flavors, an effervescent acidity, and a silky texture in the cup.


ProducerElida Estate

LocationBoquete, Chiriqui


Variety / Catuai

Altitude / 1700-2000 masl

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