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Dune Coffee

Mexico Unión de Ejidos

Mexico Unión de Ejidos

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Unión de Ejidos de San Fernando is a coffee farmer’s cooperative, located in the municipality of Tenejapa in Chiapas. By volume, Chiapas is the largest coffee producing state in Mexico. Established in 2012, Unión de Ejidos has brought together several producers with different backgrounds to produce this lot. The cooperative’s goals are to increase production of organic coffee, to secure channels for their producers’ coffees in order to avoid intermediaries, and to raise the social and economic conditions of the cooperative members.

This lot of coffee is comprised of Typica and Bourbon varieties. Coffee cherries are hand-picked and fermented for 16 hours after depulping, then washed and dried on patios for 5 days.

In the cup, we find a soft nutty flavor like hazelnut and milk chocolate, with a subtle red apple acidity and a lingering taste of cocoa powder.

Country / Mexico

Producer / Unión de Ejidos de San Fernando

Location / Tenejapa, Chiapas


Variety / Bourbon, Typica

Altitude / 1600 masl

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