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Honduras Urpania Guzman

Honduras Urpania Guzman

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Urpania Guzman is the matriarch of the Guzman family, who has been producing specialty coffee with her family since 2019. Although Urpania was faced with the decision years ago to sell the family farms, she insisted on keeping ownership of the land so that her sons and family would be able to work their own farms and not have to work for someone else.

Since our first visit with Urpania and tasting the coffee her family produces, we have been amazed with their efforts to improve quality on their farm, including building parabolic dryers and taking pride in their farm management. More recently, the family has expanded their holdings with the purchase of a small plot of land near friend and producer Benjamin Paz’s farm, high up on Santa Bárbara mountain. The Guzman family has planted high quality varieties on this plot and have been caring for this farm, and this, along with the farm’s proximity to Benjamin’s Cup of Excellence-winning farm, means that we’re extremely excited for the future of Urpania’s coffees.

Urpania’s coffee this year is sweet like almond and brown sugar, with soft stonefruit like apricot and nectarine in the cup.

Country / Honduras

Producer / The Guzman family

LocationEl Cedral, Santa Bárbara



Altitude / 1500 masl

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