Honduras Pablo Cruz Honey


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We’ve been purchasing Pablo Cruz’ coffees for the past three years now, along with several other Honduran producers through Beneficio San Vicente. Owned by Benjamin Paz, Beneficio San Vicente handles milling and processing for many coffee producers in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras.

In February of 2019, Matt and Todd visited Honduras and toured Pablo Cruz’ farm. Pablo’s farm has different holdings of Catuai, Catimor, and Parainema coffee trees. While we’ve been purchasing their washed Catuai for years past now, Pablo took half of their Catimor harvest this year and chose to experiment with natural and honey processing. Although Catimor is generally thought of as a lower-scoring variety, Pablo aimed to increase the cup quality through processing, as well as their other farm practices such as parabolic dryers.

Interestingly, Pablo actually harvests small amounts of honey from a beehive on their farm, but that has nothing to do with how the coffees taste. This coffee is complex and creamy, with confectionary sweetness like peanut butter cups, but also a noted flavor of blackberry jam. The cup finishes sweet, with a lightly syrupy texture and a hint of citrus on the finish - balancing out the flavors.


ProducerPablo Cruz

LocationLas Peñitas, Santa Barbara


Variety / Catimor

Altitude / 1450 masl

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