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Honduras Pablo Cruz

Honduras Pablo Cruz

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Pablo Cruz is one of the first producers we began purchasing coffee from in Honduras. Working with Beneficio San Vicente, we’ve been fortunate to work with Pablo year after year for his coffees.

Pablo’s farm is in the Las Peñitas area of Santa Bárbara, Honduras, a mountainous region known for producing some of the most extraordinary specialty coffee in the country. Ever since we began working with Pablo, he has continued to invest and improve his coffee producing capabilities, including setting up a gravity-driven milling system on his farm to process his coffee. Pablo also has homemade roasting equipment on his farm, which he uses to roast his coffee that he does not sell to us as an additional source of income.

This lot of Catuai from Pablo, which he processed as a traditional washed coffee, is a flavor profile that we’ve come to anticipate year after year, with confectionary flavors like nougat, a sweet citrus that reminds us of tangerine, and dark chocolate flavors throughout.

Country / Honduras

Producer / Pablo Cruz

LocationLas Peñitas, Santa Bárbara



Altitude / 1450 masl

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