Honduras Olvin Fernandez Bourbon


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We’ve been working with Olvin Fernandez for the past seven years now, as one of the first Honduran producers we began purchasing from. Olvin is an incredibly passionate producer, and he is as proud of the coffees he produces as we are of the coffees we are fortunate to serve as a result.

During the first several years we purchased Olvin’s coffee, the coffee we purchased was a blend of the multiple varieties growing at his farm, Finca Mi Paz. Since 2019, Olvin has been separating out the different varieties growing at his farm, from Catuai, Pacas, Bourbon, and Parainema. We have found that the Bourbon and Catuai lots are distinctive in flavor, and have been asking Olvin to separate these lots out for us to serve individually.

In late November of 2020, Honduras and much of central America was devastated by Hurricane Eta and Iota. Much of Honduras was affected, with many areas affected by flooding and countless families displaced. While we are glad to report that the coffee producers we work with were safe, the weather affected the harvest and the health of the coffee plants of these producers. Olvin shared with us that it may take years for his coffee trees to return to full health, having lost significant amounts of foliage and roots.

Even through the difficulties of this past year, Olvin, and other producers in Honduras, have managed to beat the odds through sheer dedication and ingenuity. It is no small feat for these coffees to taste as delightful as we find them this year. We taste sweet and round citrus and apple, as well as pecan and caramelized sugar.

Country / Honduras

Producer / Olvin Esmelin Fernandez Paz

Location / Las Flores, Santa Bárbara

Process / Washed

Variety / Bourbon

Altitude / 1550 masl

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