Honduras Benjamin Paz Geisha


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If you were to ask Benjamin Paz what his job description is, you would get a range of answers, from coffee producer, relationship manager, coffee shop and roastery owner, and direct support for a multitude of other coffee producers in the Santa Bárbara region of Honduras. Benjamin’s family business Beneficio San Vicente exports coffee for hundreds of producers, as well as facilitating all of our purchasing relationships in Honduras (the Guzman family, Olvin Fernandez, and Pablo Cruz). What Benjamin and San Vicente have been able to accomplish for specialty coffee as a whole through connecting roasters and producers committed to growing specialty coffee is truly exceptional.

It was only recently that Benjamin’s farm, Finca La Salsa, was officially named as such, which perhaps gives you an idea of how humble Benjamin is despite all of the recognition he and his team deserves. Benjamin’s coffee was also awarded fifth place in this year’s Cup of Excellence.

This Geisha variety from Benjamin and Finca La Salsa is so exciting for us, not just for the illustrious variety, but for what our relationship with Benjamin and San Vicente means, and for the hope and vision we have for the future. In the cup, we taste a bouquet of floral flavors like jasmine and orange blossom, sweet mandarin, and a sparkling, effervescent acidity.

Country / Honduras

Producer / Benjamin Paz

Location / El Cedral, Santa Barbara

Process / Washed

Variety / Geisha

Altitude / 1680-1730 masl

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