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Rosendo Domingo is a second-generation coffee producer from the Petatán municipality in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Within Guatemala, Huehuetenango is renown for sweet and clean coffees, and Rosendo’s parents have been producing coffee in the region for the past 30 years. Today, Rosendo, along with their two sisters, operates and manages their farm, Finca Buena Vista, taking what they’ve learned from their parents and using that experience to produce and market their coffees.

Finca Buena Vista is a small farm, at .7 hectares. Rosendo’s Caturra and Pache Verde plants grow under the shaded cover of native Inga and Gravilea trees. The coffees are depulped the same day they are picked, fermented for 36 to 40 hours underwater, then washed with clean spring water. Rosendo hopes to continue developing their washed process, along with experimenting with natural and honey processing in the future.

Rosendo’s coffee is lightly floral and nutty, like Turkish delight. A clean navel orange acidity meets a dense, wildflower honey-like sweetness, and a hint of chocolate on the finish makes this cup easy to drink with cream and sugar, as well as being enjoyable to sit with on a sunny afternoon.

Country / Guatemala

Producer / Rosendo Domingo

LocationPetatán, Huehuetenango

Process / Washed

Variety / Caturra, Pache Verde

Altitude / 1550-1610 masl

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