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Guatemala Ricardo Zelaya Java

Guatemala Ricardo Zelaya Java

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Ricardo Zelaya is a fourth generation coffee producer, whose family has managed coffee farms in Antigua since 1908. Ricardo’s farms have a track record of producing exceptional coffees, including multiple Cup of Excellence wins. Along with his daughter Katia, Ricardo manages coffee growing and production at their family’s estate farms.

This lot of coffee comes from the farm Puerta Verde, named for the “green door” entranceway to the farm. Varieties grown here include Bourbon, Caturra, Villa Sarchi, and Java. The Java variety, like many coffee varieties, originates from Ethiopian landraces, and was brought to the island of Java in the 19th century. The variety is known for high quality especially at higher altitudes, and is also tolerant of certain diseases that can affect other coffee plants.

Although this is our first time purchasing coffee from Puerta Verde, we’ve sourced coffee from Ricardo Zelaya in the past. The Puerta Verde Java is complex and carries many of the flavors we expect and enjoy from Guatemalan coffee, including light floral flavors, a subtly sweet fruit flavor like pomegranate, and a dense caramel sweetness.

Country / Guatemala

Producer / Ricardo Zelaya

Location / Antigua

Process / Washed

Variety / Java

Altitude / 1520 masl

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