Guatemala Jauja


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In 1908, Ricardo Zelaya’s great grandfather began acquiring properties around Guatemala’s Antigua Valley. Family members of generations to follow took over management of these coffee farms, working to produce and export coffees from this region. Ricardo Zelaya is part of the fourth generation of these coffee producers, and has now operated his family’s business since 1989.

Our coffee offering from the Zelayas comes from Jauja, one of several holdings that the Zelayas produce coffee from. The farm is located at 1550 meters above sea level, and produces several varieties, including Bourbon, Borbon 300 (Borboncito), Typica, and Pacamara. The farm has produced Cup of Excellence winning coffees in both 2018 and 2019. In this lot, Bourbon and Borbon 300 cherries are picked by Jauja’s team of pickers, the coffee is fully washed, then dried on concrete patios.

Quite a few of us enjoy this coffee for its balance and primary chocolate and nutty flavors. Brewed as a filter coffee, the Jauja makes for a pleasant cup in the morning, with lots of sweetness and fresh red apple acidity. This coffee has reminded us of peanut butter fudge on more than one instance.

Country / Guatemala

ProducerRicardo Zelaya

Location / Antigua

Process / Washed

VarietyBourbon, Borbon 300

Altitude / 1550 masl

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