Ethiopia Bedhatu Jibicho


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Bedhatu Jibicho has been producing coffee for over 50 years in the Worka region of Ethiopia, ever since the Ethiopian government gave her husband land in the 1960s. Although her husband passed away in 1991, Bedhatu has continued to manage the farm operations, and her children, especially her son Tesfaye, are beginning to get involved in continuing coffee production.

It’s uncommon to find single-producer lots from Ethiopia, because of the way growers produce coffee and process their lots. Through the Banko Gotiti cooperative, Bedhatu is able to separate her harvest and sell her coffees with traceability. This coffee is fully washed and dried on raised beds, although Bedhatu produces naturally processed coffees as well.

Ethiopia, and Yirgacheffe in particular, produce some of the most exciting coffees we get to enjoy as coffee consumers. Bursting with juicy fruit flavors and a light, delicate body, this cup is an elegant example of such coffees.


ProducerBedhatu Jibicho

Location / Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone



Altitude / 1800-1900 masl

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