El Salvador La Montañita


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Antonio René Aguilar owns a 10-manzana (1 manzana = 1 hectare) farm named Las Ventanas, on which 8 manzanas are planted with coffee varieties including Pacamara, Bourbon, and Pacas. This lot in particular is solely Pacamara. For his washed lots, Antonio René Aguilar ensures the coffee is picked ripe and depulped immediately, fermented for 15-18 hours, then washed twice before being dried on patios and raised beds for 12 days.

We purchased this coffee at a Cafe Imports auction, held in Seattle at Coffee Expo this past April. This was the first instance of a ‘Best of El Salvador’ silent auction, and as El Salvador is comprised mostly of smaller scale producers with smaller yields, it is significant to award these producers premiums for their coffees. 

The Pacamara variety is commonly seen in El Salvador - although it is fairly susceptible to leaf rust, it possesses a high potential for cup quality, especially when grown at higher altitudes. The bean size is also noticeably larger than its other Central/South American counterparts.ted.

Country / El Salvador

Producer / Antonio René Aguilar

Location / El Tùnel, Chaletenango

Process / Honey 

Variety / Pacamara

Altitude / 1350-1700 masl


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