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El Salvador El Manzano Natural Pacamara

El Salvador El Manzano Natural Pacamara

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Emilio Lopez Diaz is the owner and operator of Finca El Manzano, who, in 2005, began planting new varieties and expanding the facility’s ability to process these coffees. In 2018, coffee from El Manzano took first and second place in El Salvador’s Cup of Excellence competition.

Emilio’s company, Odyssey Coffees, is a vertically integrated coffee producing organization, meaning that the company owns and oversees the supply chain from growing to processing to exporting. This gives us more insight into the coffee we are purchasing, and added confidence in knowing the full operation that we are partnered with.

This year, we’ve released both this naturally processed Pacamara lot alongside a washed process Bourbon variety, both from Finca El Manzano. This Pacamara is lively and sweet, with subtle fruit flavors and a creamy texture. There is a confectionary sweetness, and similar to the Bourbon variety, a red fruit quality that reminds us of grape and cherry.

Country / El Salvador

Producer / Emilio Lopez Diaz

Location / Chalchuapa, Santa Ana

Process / Natural

Variety / Pacamara

Altitude / 1450 masl

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