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Dune Coffee

Ecuador Jaime Cartuche

Ecuador Jaime Cartuche

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Jaime Cartuche is the leader of farm management at Hacienda La Papaya. Together, with Juan Peña and the rest of the team, Jaime oversees all of the detailed processes that take place to produce exceptional coffee, from plant health, soil management, to nutrition.

Jaime has been producing his own coffee for several years now, using varieties and processes developed by Juan at Hacienda La Papaya. Jaime also produces coffee in the La Papaya sector, and like other several other producers in the La Papaya cohort, brings his coffee to be processed at Hacienda La Papaya’s advanced drying rooms, with humidity inputs and UV protection.

This lot from Jaime has been processed as a Pink Honey, which refers to the amount of dry fermentation this coffee undergoes with the mucilage left on the seed. While honey-processed coffees can be difficult to manage consistency and cup quality. Jaime and the La Papaya team have produced a coffee that is fruit-forward and dynamic, showing a new side of the Typica variety that Juan has made a name for in this region.

Jaime’s coffee is full of complex fruit flavors with a balanced acidity, as we find grape, berry, cherry, and even watermelon in the cup. There is a high quality dark chocolate character in this cup, reminding us of cocoa powder.

Country / Ecuador

Producer / Jaime Cartuche

LocationSaraguro, Loja

ProcessPink Honey


Altitude / 1850 masl

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