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Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya Natural Geisha

Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya Natural Geisha

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Juan Peña owns and operates his principal farm Hacienda La Papaya, high up in the mountains of Saraguro. As an agronomist and engineer, Juan applies some of the most technologically advanced approaches to producing coffee.

Juan planted the Geisha variety on his farm about six years ago, and at these high elevations, coffee plants takes longer to mature and begin producing fruit. Once the Geisha trees began producing cherries, Juan began processing these coffees as washed and natural processes, which the La Papaya team has refined over years of experimentation and measured progress.

Juan takes some of his expertise from growing roses before he began producing coffee and applies them to his naturally processed coffees, utilizing UV protected drying rooms with varying transmission of shade depending on the room, and air vents and fans to control humidity and temperature in order to prolong the drying period that the coffee rests in cherry. Through this approach, Juan is able to produce coffee with a natural process that is some of the cleanest that we've ever tasted in the cup, with distinct and vibrant fruit flavors and florality. 

Processing and variety comes together for this expression of the Geisha variety. In the cup, we taste floral white flower flavors, mandarin orange, and a juicy pink guava.

Country / Ecuador

Producer Juan Peña

Location Saraguro, Ecuador

Process Natural

Variety Geisha

Altitude / 2000 masl

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