Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya Natural


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Juan Peña and Hacienda La Papaya need no introduction by now, but it seems that each year we find something new and noteworthy that we get to share.

2021 marks the first year that we’ve sourced Juan’s coffee directly through his new exporting company Cafexporto. Through Cafexporto, Juan is not only able to store, process, and ship his coffees on his own terms, he is also able to do the same for other neighboring producers, assisting them with farming practices and giving them seedlings to cultivate from the Hacienda La Papaya nursery.

This coffee comes directly from Juan’s farm in the highlands of Ecuador, where Juan primarily grows the Typica variety. At these high elevations, the Typica plant exhibits many flavor characteristics that we would otherwise associate with Ethiopian coffees, with high-toned fruit and floral notes. Coupled with Juan’s agronomy expertise and meticulous attention to detail, his coffees are some of the most memorable that we’ve ever experienced.

In the cup, we find incredibly complex, yet clean flavors of concord grape, red fruit, a sparkling acidity that reminds us of cherry cola, and a finish that reminds us of the texture of velvety: smooth, but softly lingering. Juan has also said that this natural Typica is one of his favorite coffees that he produces.

Country / Ecuador

ProducerJuan Peña

LocationSaraguro, Loja

Process / Natural


Altitude / 2000 masl

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