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Colombia Rafael Aya Martinez Pink Bourbon

Colombia Rafael Aya Martinez Pink Bourbon

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Rafael’s connection to coffee runs deep, as he jokes that he was given a tinto (colloquialism for black coffee) instead of milk when he was born. After settling down with his wife Elvira Cuellar, the two settled down just outside of her hometown with their five hectare farm. Besides coffee, Rafael and his sons Rafita and Emmanuel raise ducks, chickens, and trout, as well as growing sugarcane, berries, citrus, and vegetables. Rafael has been producing specialty coffee since 2017, but has been growing coffee for the last 20 years, during which time he studied coffee production at SENA, or National Learning Service’s Escuela Nacional del Café in Colombia.

Rafael grows Caturra, Pink Bourbon, and Yellow Bourbon on his farm, which is planted in a river valley opposite from the main house and drying areas, giving the coffee plants a unique microclimate. This Pink Bourbon lot underwent a washed process, with 120 hours of fermentation before drying.

In the cup, we experience sweet cherry and bright citrus like pink grapefruit. This coffee also has a cane sugar-like sweetness.

Country / Colombia

Producer / Rafael Aya Martinez

Location / La Florida, Timaná, Huila


VarietyPink Bourbon

Altitude / 1750 masl

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