Colombia Javier Cantillo Vega


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We purchased this coffee at the Colombia Best Cup event, hosted by Cafe Imports. This was also the first year that the Best Cup event was extended to the Nariño and Tolima departments, as well as Cauca and Huila. Although not purchased in auction, Javier’s coffee placed 16th out of 30 coffees represented in the event.

This is the second time we’ve been able to bring in coffee from Javier Cantillo Vega. Javier is a multigenerational coffee farmer, who after completing his military service purchased his farm to support himself and his wife. Last year, we received a small amount of Javier’s Caturra variety from his farm Los Delirios. The coffee we’ve received this year is from a separate farm called Finca Nasaret, spanning over four hectares. Javier ferments his coffee for thirty-six hours, and dries the coffee in the sun for twenty hours.

We brewed this coffee next to our Ronal Muñoz Ordoñez lot, and it was fascinating to taste the differences in both of these coffees from Colombia. Javier’s coffee is fresh, with flavors of green apple, cherry, and blackberry sweetness. Prepared as an espresso, you get a complex coffee, yet a lighter texture than usually associated with those heavy flavors. We also brewed this coffee on our Seraphim with a Kalita Wave, and found more of those blackberry notes, with orange and apple acidity to round out a high brown sugar sweetness.

Country / Colombia

Producer / Javier Cantillo Vega

Location / Suaza, Huila

Process / Washed

Variety / Castillo

Altitude / 1650 masl


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