Colombia Finca La Betania Pink Bourbon


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Linarco Rodriguez Ospina owns the finca (farm) Betania, located in the Huila region of Colombia. Linarco is a member of the Asociación Los Naranjos, a collective of coffee farmers in the area surrounding the neighboring town of San Agustin.

Alongside other prominent members of Los Naranjos such as Arnulfo Leguizamo, the producers within this group continue to produce some of the most outstanding coffees of this region. Los Naranjos draws from long traditions of Colombian coffee production, as well as utilizing newer technologies such as pH and Brix meters.

Pink Bourbon, named for the pink hue these coffee cherries take on upon ripening, is a cultivated hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon varieties. Originating from and propagated in Colombia, Pink Bourbon is prized for its flavor attributes, as well as its rust-resistant properties.

Finca La Betania reminds us of blackberry compote (think pie filling), with intense fruit flavors. The sweetness is like that of rum raisin, with concentrated fruit sweetness and caramel. This coffee makes for a highly complex filter coffee, or a really wild espresso.

Country Colombia

Producer / Linarco Rodriguez Ospina

Location Sinai, Palestina, Huila


VarietyPink Bourbon

Altitude / 1715 masl

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