Colombia Edier Ortiz Diaz


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We purchased this coffee at the Colombia Best Cup event, hosted by Cafe Imports. This was also the first year that the Best Cup event was extended to the Nariño and Tolima departments, as well as Cauca and Huila.

Edier Ortiz Diaz’s coffee comes from a 4 hectare farm called Los Naranjos. Edier’s coffee came in fifth place this year, which means that his coffee was purchased at auction and he received a premium for the cup quality of his coffee. Producers often take the money from these prices and reinvest in their farm, purchasing drying equipment and renovating existing infrastructure.

Edier’s coffee undergoes a long thirty hour fermentation after being depulped, and is dried for twenty days. With longer fermentation and drying times, a great amount of care must be taken by the producer to ensure consistency and avoid over fermentation or uneven drying. The cup quality of Edier’s coffee this year is a testament to these smaller producers that are producing coffee, and they are only getting better each year.

The flavor of this coffee ranges from white grape to grapefruit and cane sugar to white chocolate. This is a complex cup, sacrificing nothing in the way of sweetness or fruit for all of those flavors. We’ve enjoyed this coffee primarily as a filter brew, where you can really draw out those flavors.

Country / Colombia

Producer / Edier Ortiz Diaz

Location / Colon Genova, Nariño

Process / Washed

Variety / Castillo

Altitude / 1550 masl

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