Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista Anaerobic


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We’ve visited Brazil for the past three years for the Carmo Best Cup, a coffee auction format held in the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil. While Brazil is often known for its volume of coffee production, fewer producers are focused on producing high quality. The Carmo Best Cup aims to find and reward these high quality producers, one of whom is Robson Vilela Martins, whose coffee placed fourth in the auction.

Robson’s coffees make us question what we think of when we think of coffees from Brazil, so perhaps it makes sense that Robson’s philosophy of coffee production is unique. Robson’s farm is small relative to Brazil, and he manages his farm with a team of six full-time employees. Robson only processes as much coffee each day as he and his team are able to take on, rather than sacrificing quality for higher yields.

This lot of coffee is held for 72 hours in closed vessels before the coffee is processed as a natural. Anaerobic processing, as this method has come to be known as in common parlance, utilizes bacteria and yeasts found on the fruit of the coffee seed to kick off fermentation, which many producers and roasters believe amplifies the flavors in the cup.

We’re always excited to see coffee producers adopting new practices and innovating techniques to push the boundaries of flavor. Robson’s coffee is as decadent and dessert-like as ever this year, with a really unique flavor profile of cognac and raspberry. The cup finishes sweet and smooth, reminding us of molasses and caramel. 

Country / Brazil

Producer / Robson Vilela Martins

LocationCristina, Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais

Process / Natural, 72 hour anaerobic

Variety / Yellow Bourbon

Altitude / 1016-1290 masl

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