Baratza Encore


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It's our humble opinion that second only to brewing our coffees, the best way to improve your coffee setup is by using a quality grinder, and nine times out of ten, this is the grinder we recommend (and use ourselves).

The Baratza Encore is a conical burr grinder, meaning that you're able to control the size of your grind for getting the best out of your coffee, or switching between different brew methods. You'll also find a really consistent grind, meaning no unpleasant sour or bitter flavors from your brew.

Baratza also stands by their grinders, and offers parts kits and support to make sure your grinder stands the test of time, instead of being another appliance that somehow manages to break just after the warranty expires.

This grinder is perfect for home or small office use, for any brew method except espresso.

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