PREPAID Santarossa Subscription


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This is our 'Hail Mary' move. We've put together a pre-paid version of our subscriptions with our favorite coffees!

The pre-paid subscription has a deeper discount than our normal subscriptions, and we're also covering all the shipping costs for every order after your first shipment, which saves you a bit extra. Not only do you get to enjoy coffee carefree, pre-paying will give us a fighting chance to stay afloat financially.

If you live outside of the lower 48 states, please email us at before placing an order so we can make sure your coffee gets to you.

Our dark roast. We roasted this blend to bring out a rich chocolatey sweetness that is perfect for those looking for a strong, full-bodied coffee. Santarossa Blend tastes delicious with cream and sugar, or just black: this is a true crowd pleaser. Brew up a pot and invite some friends over for pie, trust us.

Country / Brazil

Producer / Various

Location / Various 

Process / Pulped natural

Varietal / Various 

Altitude Various

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