Ethiopia Banko Baya Natural


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We’re really pleased to be releasing this coffee as a standalone offering. As the Ethiopian component in our Zip Zinger blend, this coffee’s fruit flavors and sweetness impress us when we find those flavors in our blend as well as on its own on the cupping table.

Banko Baya comes from the Kercha district, which is within the Guji Zone in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. As is often the case with Ethiopian coffees, smallholder producers bring their cherries to the same processing station for sorting and drying on raised beds. The cherries are turned regularly to prevent damage, and stored once they reach below 12 percent moisture content.

Although the most frequent way we experience this coffee is the flavor it contributes to our Zip Zinger blend, we also find incredible fragrances and clean berry flavors from this cup on its own, especially as a filter coffee. There is also a high sweetness as a result of the natural processing, which balances out the intense fruitiness in this coffee for a well composed cup.

Country / Ethiopia

Producer / Various smallholder producers

Location / Guji, Oromia

Process / Natural

Variety / Heirloom varieties

Altitude / 1800-2200 masl

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