Colombia Ronal Muñoz Ordoñez


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We purchased this coffee at the Colombia Best Cup event, hosted by Cafe Imports. This was also the first year that the Best Cup event was extended to the Nariño and Tolima departments, as well as Cauca and Huila. Although not purchased in auction, Ronal’s coffee placed 21st out of 30 coffees represented in the event.

Ronal Muñoz Ordoñez’s farm is called Cuatro Esquinas (Four Corners), and at 1.5 hectares it is small even for Colombia’s standards. Ronal grows the Colombia variety, or Variedad Colombia on his farm, which is a variety developed in response to low production and the threat of leaf rust. A hybrid of Caturra and Timor, this variety can also be planted in higher density, which means higher yields for farmers. Ronal’s coffee is fermented for thirty-six hours, and dried in the sun for twelve days.

We tasted this coffee alongside our offering from Javier Cantillo Vega, another coffee we sourced from our Best Cup trip. Although there were similarities between the two producers’ coffees, Ronal’s coffee reminded us distinctly of melon and cantaloupe, with additional flavors of Bartlett pear and pecan. There is also a depth of flavor in this cup that we noticed both in the cupping bowls and as a filter coffee, with ripe fruit sweetness (think dried apricots).

Country / Colombia

Producer / Ronal Muñoz Ordoñez

Location / La Union, Nariño

Process / Washed


Altitude / 1980 masl


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