Rwanda Kabirizi


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COOPAC is a cooperative located near Lake Kivu, in the western regions of Rwanda. Founded by Emmanuel Rwakagara, COOPAC has grown from 1100 farmers in 2001 to around 8000 members. As a Fair Trade-certified cooperative, COOPAC aims to ensure fair prices and returns for their member farmers.

COOPAC also promotes organic practices and initiatives such as shade tree growing and utilizing waste products such as spent coffee cherries as fertilizer, rather than discarding them into the lake. Founded in 2004, the Kabirizi washing station is one of some 50 washing stations along Lake Kivu, and coffee from Kabirizi has been featured in the Cup of Excellence competition.

In the cup, Kabirizi starts out with a creamy, floral apricot flavor, along with a lively citrus-like acidity that cools to a refreshing green grape. A rich sweetness like vanilla creme or caramel rounds out this coffee on the finish.

Country / Rwanda

Producer / COOPAC cooperative

Location / Rutsiro and Rubavu Districts, Western Province

Process / Washed

Variety / Bourbon, Mayaguez

Altitude / 1500-2000 masl

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