Kenya Gatuya


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Gatuya is a washing station, or “factory” as they are referred to in Kenya, located in Muranga. Operated by the New Murarandia Farmers Cooperative Society, Gatuya services close to 3500 smallholder producers. These producers, on average, own less than half a hectare of land to grow coffee on, and combine their harvests to bring coffee in cherry to Gatuya.

Even though this method of coffee production makes traceability difficult, the quality of coffees from washing stations like Gatuya is high - a testament to the smallholder producers and systems that allow them to grow and sell their coffee on the market, whom might otherwise be unable to trade their coffees were it not for factories and cooperatives.

This coffee from Gatuya is characterized of many of the varieties we know of being produced in Kenya, making this cup an excellent representation of Kenyan coffee flavors. We find complex blackberry and grapefruit flavors, matched by a high sweetness, making for a silky texture when brewed as a filter coffee.

Country / Kenya

Producer / Various smallholder producers

Location / Muranga

Process / Washed

Variety / SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian, K7

Altitude / 1850 masl

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