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William Alvarado Guzman is one of three brothers who grows coffee in the El Cedral region of Santa Bárbara, Honduras. The brothers, who are in their mid-twenties, have been working on their family farm for about five years now. While we purchase coffee from the family farm, we have also been able to purchase William’s coffee as a separate lot and carry it as a unique offering.

We were first introduced to the Guzmans in 2019 by our producing partner Benjamin Paz, who told us of these new producers who had been attentively farming and investing in infrastructure such as parabolic dryers for their family’s coffee. Upon visiting and tasting their coffee, we were able to purchase the entirety of their first harvest, and have since seen the Guzmans operations continue to grow. Just recently, William has also purchased a new plot of land at one of the highest elevations on Santa Bárbara mountain, which he plans to plant with varieties such as Geisha and SL-28.

Even though William’s farm did not escape unscathed from Hurricanes Eta and Iota, which affected much of Honduras in November of 2020, their coffee plants and harvest this year have proved resilient, and we are buoyed to be fortunate enough to be enjoying these coffees. William’s coffee is sweet, with plenty of dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla notes, reminding us of red apple and melon, and a rich texture.

Country / Honduras

Producer / William Alvarado Guzman

Location / El Cedral, Santa Barbara

Process / Washed

Variety / Pacas

Altitude / 1500 masl

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