Honduras Urpania Guzman Anaerobic


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We were first introduced to the Guzman family of Urpania and her three sons Marlon, Reynaldo, and William in 2019, when we visited our friend Benjamin Paz at Beneficio San Vicente in Honduras. Urpania’s three sons, who are in their mid-twenties, have been working on their plots of land for about five years now, with 2019 being the first year they were able to produce enough fruit to harvest. Along with Benjamin’s support, the Guzmans have invested in their producing abilities in and around their farms, with the goal of improving consistency and quality.

Urpania shared with us about how she had insisted years ago to keep ownership of the land in her family, so that her sons would be able to work their own land and not have to work for someone else. Now, her sons have been able to increase and improve their coffee production, as well as purchasing new, exceptional plots of land to grow more coffee plants on. We have the privilege of sharing this lot from land that is worked jointly between Urpania’s sons.

This particular lot of coffee is a Pacas variety which was processed anaerobically by Urpania’s sons. The coffee was sealed off with minimal oxygen for 48 hours before being processed as a washed coffee, lending itself to a unique flavor experience compared to the traditional Pacas lot.

We find that compared to the traditionally washed process Pacas from Urpania, the sweetness and fruit characteristics are amplified by the anaerobic process. This coffee reminds us of dark brown sugar, white peach, and tropical fruit, as well as baking spices on the finish.

Country / Honduras

Producer / Marlon, Reynaldo, and William Guzman

Location / El Cedral, Santa Bárbara

Process / Anaerobic washed

Variety / Pacas

Altitude / 1500 masl

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