Honduras Pablo Cruz Honey


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Ever since we began purchasing coffee from Pablo Cruz and his family five years ago, Pablo has continued to invest in his coffee production and his capacity as a producer to grow high quality coffees. As we began working together, Pablo was able to build a new mill on his farm to process coffee. Pablo’s oldest son, Pablito, is building a new house on the family property, and will one day take over the farm and start his own family.

With how gracious and kindhearted Pablo and his wife Enma are, it’s difficult not to imagine that some of that attention and care is applied to their coffees. This lot of coffee from Pablo’s farm is comprised of Parainema and Catuai varieties, the former being a hybrid variety known for resistance to coffee diseases and good yields. As a new process this year, the Catuai variety was also processed anaerobically, spending 48 hours sealed off from oxygen to further develop flavor. Pablo processed this coffee as a honey process, meaning that some of the fruit from the coffee cherry remained on the coffee seeds as they dried, giving way to the golden honey-like appearance.

We’ve known Pablo’s coffee to be bright and sweet, especially with the influence of the honey processing this year. We taste caramel apple and ripe persimmon in the cup, with a deep brown sugar sweetness.

Country / Honduras

ProducerPablo Cruz

LocationLas Peñitas

Process / Honey

Variety / Catuai, Parainema

Altitude / 1450 masl

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