Honduras Olvin Fernandez Catuai


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In 2019, Todd and Matt visited Honduras, and spent some time at Olvin Fernandez’ farm. We’ve been purchasing Olvin’s coffees since 2015, and have been fortunate enough to witness his coffee quality increase year after year.

Olvin produces coffee in the Las Flores region of Honduras, and shares a mill centrally located between his farms and those of his brothers. His coffees are dried on parabolic driers, and fermented in concrete tanks.

Much of the coffee Olvin produces is of the Yellow Catuai variety, which ripens yellow and makes for a beautiful sight to see. Catuai is an important variety here - it was first cultivated commercially in Honduras, and bred for high yields. However, in places like Olvin’s farm, we experience the quality and sweetness that this coffee can offer as well.

Olvin’s coffees continue to impress us, as a representation of the unique flavors from this region of Honduras, and of the cup quality these smallholder producers are capable of developing. This coffee is sweet, like vanilla or dried dates, with orange peel acidity and a creamy texture. Compared to the Bourbon variety from the same harvest, this Catuai is driven by sweetness and texture.

Country / Honduras

Producer / Olvin Esmelin Fernandez Paz

Location / Las Flores, Santa Barbara

Process / Washed

Variety / Catuai

Altitude / 1550 masl

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