Honduras Olvin Fernandez Bourbon


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This coffee is an exciting lot from Olvin Fernandez, from whom we’ve been purchasing coffee for the past five years.

Olvin produces coffee in the Las Flores region of Honduras, and shares a mill centrally located between his farms and those of his brothers. His coffees are dried on parabolic driers, and fermented in concrete tanks.

In 2019, Todd and Matt visited Honduras, and spent some time at Olvin’s farm. Most of the coffees Olvin produces is the Catuai variety, as well as some Bourbon and Pacas trees. The Bourbon variety is known for high cup quality, as well as being one of the most genetically significant parent varieties of coffee. After we tasted this coffee, Olvin separated the Bourbon lot from the rest of his coffees so we could offer this lot on its own.

We’re proud to offer this lot as a standalone offering, both as a milestone of the progress Olvin has been making on his coffees, and for the vibrant flavors in the cup. The Bourbon variety is known for high sweetness, which we experience as soft, ripe fruits, and a crisp acidity.  Compared to the Catuai from the same harvest, this Bourbon separation is higher in fruity acidity, and lighter in body.

Country / Honduras

Producer / Olvin Esmelin Fernandez Paz

Location / Las Flores, Santa Barbara

Process / Washed

Variety / Bourbon

Altitude / 1550 masl

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