Guatemala Santa Clara


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Ricardo Zelaya is a fourth generation coffee producer, whose family has managed coffee farms in Antigua since 1908. Ricardo’s farms have a track record of producing exceptional coffees, including multiple Cup of Excellence wins. Along with his daughter Katia, Ricardo manages coffee growing and production at their family’s estate farms.

This lot of coffee is a Pacamara variety, which is more commonly found growing in El Salvador. After the Zelayas tasted this variety, they began cultivating this coffee at their farm Carrizalito, before planting at Finca Santa Clara. With this variety, the cherries are brought in by a select group of pickers, after which point the coffee undergoes a washed process and is dried on African raised beds. The coffee is also dried for a minimum of 20 days, Ricardo having found that this slow drying improves cup quality.

Santa Clara is full of sweet and balanced flavors in the cup, ranging from crisp red apple to a caramelized orange acidity. A soft nuttiness and light floral flavors reminds us of marzipan, especially as this coffee cools.

Country / Guatemala

Producer / Ricardo Zelaya



Variety / Pacamara

Altitude / 1750-1850 masl

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