Ethiopia Wolichu Wachu


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Wolichu Wachu is a relatively newer washing station, established in 2017 near the town of Haro Wachu, located in the Guji zone. The washing station serves about 4500 smallholder producers with an average holding of half a hectare.

The washing station produces washed and natural processed coffees, and has been designed to limit water wastage and maximize efficiency while maintaining quality. Coffee cherries are sorted through screening and floating, then soaked in tanks with spring water. The coffee is once again sorted by density, then undergoes a longer soaking period of 8-16 hours. Drying is also completed at the station, with pre-drying taking place once the coffee exits the tanks, at which point the coffee is turned and dried on raised beds for approximately 12 days.

This coffee is full of floral flavors, supported by citrus flavors and a balance of sweetness and acidity. As a filter coffee, all of those complex flavors end up in the cup, while espresso extraction tends to emphasize the sweetness and floral character of the Wolichu Wachu.

This is our second year carrying coffee from the Wolichu Wachu station. Just like last year, the release of this coffee seems to coincide with the beginnings of spring in Santa Barbara, with the smell of fragrant flowers and fresh citrus in the air.

Country / Ethiopia

Producer / Various smallholder producers

Location / Haro Wachu, Guji

Process / Washed

Variety / Heirloom

Altitude / 2100 masl

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