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Kayon Mountain is owned and operated by Ismel Hassen and his family since 2012. At 500 hectares with 300 hectares planted, the farm is located in the famed Oromia region in the Guji zone of Ethiopia.

Ismel’s staff is comprised of 25 permanent full-time employees as well as 300 seasonal employees to help with harvesting and processing coffee. Kayon Mountain offers transportation services for employees, as well as financial support for building schools and administration buildings in the community. Ismel also tends to pay higher wages to incentivize employees returning year after year, which leads to more experienced pickers. The farm boasts a plant nursery and utilizes acacia and indigenous trees to provide shade growing conditions for the coffee plants, as well as creating compost for natural fertilizers. Ismel also processes coffee on the farm.

This year, we purchased both washed and natural process coffee from Kayon Mountain to combine in equal parts to release as an offering. While tasting the lots separately, we enjoyed the bright red fruit character we found in the washed coffee, while the natural counterpart brought a sweet dark chocolate and fruity acidity in the cup. By blending these processes together, we are able to share an expression of coffee that we feel showcases flavors from both processing methods, as well as the flavors we prize from Kayon Mountain.

The blend of processing methods from Kayon Mountain reminds us of ripe watermelon and bright fruit, with a tart pomegranate-like acidity and brown sugar sweetness. The texture of this coffee is light and sparkling like refreshing hibiscus tea.

Country / Ethiopia

Producer / Ismel Hassen

Location / Shakiso, East Guji

Process / Natural & washed

Variety / Ethiopian landraces

Altitude / 1900-2200 masl

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